Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brand-New Breed!!!

Here at Double K Ranch we value innovation and resourcefulness. These two attributes have led us into a new direction recently, as we have expanded our experimental dog breeding into the scientific frontiers of experimental, inter-species breeding. Dogs are great - they are loyal, friendly, trustworthy, and fun, but they seem to be lacking one important quality - they don't fly! Well, out here in Lewiston, Utah, we have plenty of things that do fly... flies, for instance. It took us 5 years, breeding flies and dogs side-by-side until we finally realized the opportunity that we were perfectly suited for - breeding FuzzyFlyDogs!!

After months of trial and error, we have finally perfected our breeding techniques and genetic formulae to create the ideal blend of dog and fly. Our first specimen is adorable, and young enough that he can't fly off yet. We call him 'Buddy' but he may be renamed of course! He loves a good rub on the antennae and around his compound eyes. He is very affectionate and good with children.

Due to the complexity of creating this new species, our production of FuzzyFlyDogs will be slower than our regular dog- and fly-breeding rates. Because of the perfection of the breed and the few that will be initially available, we suggest that you order yours today before they all 'fly away'. Pricing is available upon request.

Quality, new breeds like this are what you should come to expect from Utah's #1 Experimental Breeding Facility. Double K Ranch: it's more than just dog.

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Blake & Lauryn said...

Wow this is awesome! My husband and I have been trying to do this for YEARS and still haven't succeeded. We kept coming out with specimens that were more fly than dog. Oh sure, they were great to eat all the food you left out around the house, but they were lacking the loyalty of dogs. We also ran into the problem of the fly-dogs hanging out in the bathroom a lot. It seems when you couple the dogs natural love for drinking out toilets with the flies natural love for eating crap, they can't resist being in there with you every time nature calls. You guys are amazing! Put me down for the whole next litter! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next! email me at and let me know when my litter will be ready!